Get ready to be amazed as we take you on a journey through the strange and surprising things people store in self-storage units.

Imagine stumbling upon Grandma's body in a casket, a live hand grenade, or even Aretha Franklin's clothing collection.

From valuable items to quirky memorabilia, these units have become a treasure trove of the unexpected.

We'll also explore criminal activity, security measures, and unconventional uses of storage units.

Get ready to dive into this fascinating world and discover the wonders that lie within.

Key Takeaways

  • Storage units can contain a wide range of odd and unusual items, including an electric chair used for executions, a 7ft tall wooden horse, and cans of cockroaches for unknown experiments.
  • Famous individuals have also stored surprising items in storage units, such as Aretha Franklin's clothing collection and unreleased Michael Jackson songs belonging to Joe Jackson.
  • Criminal activity in storage units is not uncommon, with burglars being trapped in units and criminals specifically targeting self-storage units for theft.
  • Storage units can also hold valuable and rare collectibles, including Action Comics #1 owned by Nicholas Cage and a James Bond submarine car.

Unusual Items Found in Storage Units

You might be surprised by the unusual items that people have found in storage units. From taxidermy animals and wax figures to mummies and tombstones, storage units have held some truly peculiar treasures.

Some storage units have even housed mausoleums, complete with vintage medical tools and stained glass. Others have discovered circus equipment and sideshow oddities, while some units have revealed hidden tattoo equipment.

It seems that storage units can hold a wide array of strange and unexpected items. Whether it's a collection of taxidermy animals or a forgotten stash of vintage circus props, the possibilities are endless.

Valuable Items Found in Storage Units

Discover the valuable items that have been found in storage units, including rare comic books and collectibles owned by famous individuals.

Storage units have served as treasure troves for collectors and enthusiasts, revealing hidden gems that hold significant value. Among the valuable items discovered are rare comic books, such as the Action Comics #1 owned by Nicholas Cage, which is worth a staggering $2.1 million.

But the surprises don't end there. Storage units have also yielded unexpected finds like antique mannequins, vintage dental equipment, and even surgical instruments.

Some units have even housed unusual items like hot air balloons and carnival rides.

It's clear that storage units hold a wealth of valuable and intriguing items that continue to captivate and surprise.

Criminal Activity in Storage Units

Burglars often target self-storage units for theft, leading to instances of criminal activity in these facilities. The storage units become attractive targets due to their relatively low security and the potential for valuable items inside.

However, in some cases, the criminal activity goes beyond theft and involves the storage of items associated with criminal acts. These items can include prison bars, handcuffs, a ball and chain, or even an electric chair.

Other disturbing items that have been found in storage units linked to criminal activity include a lethal injection table, a hangman's noose, a guillotine, stocks, a pillory, and an iron maiden torture device. These discoveries highlight the darker side of human history and serve as a reminder of the potential dangers that can lurk within self-storage units.

Security Measures in Storage Units

To ensure the safety of your belongings, storage units have implemented various security measures. These measures are designed to protect your items from theft, damage, and unauthorized access.

One important security measure is the use of surveillance cameras, which monitor the facility 24/7. Additionally, storage units may have keypad or card access systems, ensuring that only authorized individuals can enter the premises. Some facilities also employ security guards to provide an extra layer of protection.

In cases where sensitive or hazardous items are stored, such as biomedical waste or ammunition, storage units may have specific protocols in place. This can include the use of coffin liners or crypts for human remains, and secure storage containers for firearms and artillery shells.

Forgotten and Unpaid Storage Units

Don't overlook the consequences of forgetting to pay for your storage unit. Unpaid units can result in the auctioning off of your belongings to someone else. It's important to keep track of your payments to avoid losing your stored items.

Storage units can hold a wide range of items, including caskets, crematory urns, burial plots, biohazard materials, swords, grenades, neon signs, arcade games, hot tubs, and even handmade coffins. These forgotten and unpaid storage units can be a treasure trove for potential buyers at auction.

Storage Units and Famous Individuals

You'll be surprised to find out what famous individuals have stored in their storage units.

Some famous individuals have used self-storage units to store their unique collections and valuable items. For example, some celebrities have stored items like jukeboxes, slot machines, and pinball machines in their storage units. Others have stored casino equipment, such as poker tables and roulette wheels.

In addition to that, famous athletes have stored their championship trophies, sports memorabilia, autographed jerseys, and even game-used equipment in self-storage units.

It's fascinating to see the diverse range of items that famous individuals choose to store in their storage units, showcasing their personal interests and passions.

Self-storage units provide a secure and convenient solution for famous individuals to store their valuable and cherished possessions.

Surprising Discoveries in Storage Units

You may be amazed by the surprising discoveries people have made in storage units. From hurdles and pole vaults to cremation urns and rollercoasters, storage units have held a wide range of unexpected items.

Some storage units have been found to contain microscopes, cryotherapy chambers, and even drones. Incredibly, there have even been instances where submarines were discovered stored in these units.

Additionally, storage units have been known to hold IV therapy supplies and saunas. It seems that no matter how unusual or outlandish, people have found a way to store it in a self-storage unit.

These surprising discoveries serve as a reminder of the diverse and eclectic nature of the items people choose to store.

Storage Units and Rare Collectibles

If you're a collector, you'll be amazed at the rare and valuable collectibles that people store in self-storage units. These units aren't just for storing furniture and household items, but also for safeguarding unique and valuable items.

From anatomical models and bones to hearses and embalming tools, storage units can house a wide range of intriguing collectibles. Some collectors even store ashes of loved ones in these units.

In addition, aviation enthusiasts store aviation parts, gliders, and even helicopters in self-storage units. The versatility of these units extends to storing sensory deprivation tanks and dungeon equipment as well.

Self-storage units provide a secure and convenient solution for collectors to store their rare and valuable items.

Bizarre Discoveries in Self-Storage

When exploring self-storage units, you may come across some bizarre discoveries that will leave you astounded.

People have stored a wide range of strange and unusual items in these units, including freak show props, contortionist paraphernalia, sword swallower tools, snake charmer baskets, bearded lady wigs, cheerleader outfits, mascot costumes, Olympics torches, jacuzzis, and massage chairs.

These unexpected finds showcase the diversity of items that individuals choose to store and the unique interests and hobbies they have.

From the peculiar world of circus performers to the nostalgia of cheerleading and the luxury of relaxation, self-storage units can hold a treasure trove of unusual items that will surprise and intrigue anyone who stumbles upon them.

Unconventional Uses of Self-Storage

Store owners have witnessed an array of unconventional uses of self-storage, including storing entire collections of vintage arcade games, housing a fleet of classic cars, and even transforming units into private art studios.

But did you know that self-storage units have also been utilized for astronomical purposes? Yes, it's true! Some individuals have chosen to store their telescopes, planetarium equipment, and astronomy tools in self-storage units. These units provide a safe and secure environment for delicate and valuable equipment.

In fact, some storage units have even housed rare meteorites and moon rocks, as well as space shuttle parts, satellites, and rocket boosters. Additionally, flight suits and space helmets have found their place in these units, ensuring that they're well-preserved for future generations to admire.

Quirky Memorabilia in Self-Storage

You may occasionally come across self-storage units that contain quirky memorabilia, such as film star memorabilia, kitschy items, a jar of gallstones causing pain, theater props like the Trojan horse, or a huge collection of light bulbs.

However, there are also self-storage units that house some truly unconventional and unique memorabilia. For example, you might find storage units filled with medical equipment like x-ray machines, gurneys, hospital beds, wheelchairs, crutches, prosthetics, and orthotics. These items may have been used in medical facilities or by individuals with specific medical needs.

Additionally, some storage units may even store parachutes, ejection seats, and aircraft ejection systems. These items could have belonged to pilots or aviation enthusiasts.

The world of self-storage can be full of unexpected and intriguing treasures.

Surprising Party Items in Self-Storage

If you open the right self-storage unit, you might be surprised to find a plethora of unexpected party items, including inflatable bounce houses, disco balls, and even a full-size mechanical bull. But the surprises don't stop there.

Some self-storage units house party items that are truly out of the ordinary. Imagine stumbling upon a fully functioning ferris wheel, carousel horses, or ski lift chairs. You might also come across tanning beds, spa equipment, flotation pods, or even hydrotherapy pools. And if you're into alternative party experiences, you might find acupuncture tools, yoga equipment, or exercise gear.

Self-storage units can be a treasure trove of party items that cater to every taste and preference. So, the next time you're in need of unique party supplies, don't forget to check out your local storage facility.

Unusual Animals in Self-Storage

Imagine discovering live animals, such as exotic birds or reptiles, stored in self-storage units. While it may seem bizarre, unusual animals have indeed been found in these facilities.

Some people have used self-storage units to house their collections of rare and exotic animals. These collections have included taxidermized animals, including a lion, as well as deadly snakes and even spy equipment.

However, it's important to note that storing live animals in self-storage units is highly discouraged and often illegal. Self-storage units aren't equipped to provide the necessary care and conditions for animals.

It's essential to prioritize the well-being and safety of these creatures by seeking appropriate and legal means of housing and caring for them.

Eccentric Collections in Self-Storage

Why do people store eccentric collections in self-storage units?

Well, some individuals have a fascination with unique objects and find joy in amassing unusual collections. Self-storage units provide a convenient and secure space to store these eccentric items.

You might be surprised to know that people store a wide range of eccentric collections in self-storage units, including airplane components, mines, knives, gym equipment, boxing rings, javelins, traffic signals, parking meters, phone booths, and even leg irons.

These collections may hold sentimental value or serve as a hobby for the owners. Self-storage units allow them to keep their eccentric collections organized and protected while still having easy access to them when desired.

Unexpected Discoveries in Self-Storage

You never know what unexpected treasures you might stumble upon in a self-storage unit. People have discovered a wide range of peculiar items, including machetes, starting blocks, street signs, toll booths, police car computer terminals, breathalyzers, polygraph machines, and even chastity belts. These discoveries can be both surprising and intriguing.

Some individuals may have stored these items for personal or sentimental reasons, while others may have acquired them through unconventional means. Regardless of how they ended up in storage units, these unexpected finds highlight the diverse and unusual nature of the items that people choose to store.

It just goes to show that self-storage units can hold a multitude of surprises and oddities that you may never have imagined.

Unconventional Purposes of Self-Storage

For unconventional purposes, people have used self-storage to store items such as an electric chair used for executions and cans of cockroaches for experiments. Self-storage units have proven to be versatile spaces that can accommodate a wide range of unconventional items.

Some individuals choose to store deadly snakes, taxidermized animals, and spy equipment in these units. The unique and often bizarre nature of these items highlights the unconventional ways in which people utilize self-storage.

Whether it's for personal fascination, research purposes, or simply a lack of space elsewhere, self-storage provides a secure and accessible solution for storing these unconventional items. From unusual collections to peculiar memorabilia, self-storage units continue to surprise with the variety of unconventional purposes they serve.

Quirky Memorabilia in Self-Storage

You'll be amazed by the variety of quirky memorabilia that people store in self-storage units.

From film star memorabilia to a jar of gallstones causing pain, there's no shortage of unique and unusual items found in these storage spaces.

Some individuals have amassed huge collections of light bulbs or typewriters over the course of decades, while others store theater props like the Trojan horse.

These self-storage units also house kitschy items from famous individuals, adding to the allure of these collections.

Whether it's a jar of gallstones or a massive assortment of typewriters, the world of quirky memorabilia in self-storage units is truly fascinating.

Party Essentials in Self-Storage

What unusual items can you find in self-storage units that are essential for parties?

Self-storage units can hold a variety of party essentials that may surprise you. One unexpected item is electronic dance floors, which can transform any space into a dance party. These floors are often used for special events and can create a vibrant and energetic atmosphere.

Another unique party essential that may be stored in self-storage is chocolate equipment, including fountains. These fountains can add a touch of elegance and indulgence to any dessert table.

Additionally, you may come across a 7ft tall wooden horse, which can serve as a striking centerpiece or a fun prop for themed parties. Old cars with sentimental value and film star memorabilia, including kitschy items, are also commonly found in self-storage units, making them perfect additions to any party.

Unusual Storage Finds

You may stumble upon cans of cockroaches, deadly snakes, taxidermized animals, spy equipment, and urns of ashes from cremation services in self-storage units. These unusual storage finds highlight the diverse and sometimes bizarre items that people choose to store.

Some individuals use self-storage units for unconventional purposes, such as storing an electric chair used for executions or keeping deadly snakes. Others have unique collections, like taxidermized animals or hundreds of typewriters amassed over decades.

Spy equipment and urns of ashes from cremation services also make for surprising discoveries in self-storage units. These unusual items showcase the wide range of items that people choose to store and the unexpected finds that can be uncovered in these facilities.

Unique and Quirky Items Stored in Self-Storage

Store Room facilities have housed a de-commissioned tank and a 15 ft tall 'Transformer' model, among other unique and quirky items stored in self-storage units. These self-storage units aren't just for storing everyday items; they also provide a safe and secure space for people to store their unconventional belongings.

Whether it's a collector's item, a large-scale model, or a unique piece of memorabilia, self-storage units can accommodate a wide range of items. People use self-storage units to store anything from vintage cars and rare artifacts to giant sculptures and unusual furniture.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the unique and quirky items that people choose to store in self-storage units.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Safety Regulations in Place for Storing Unusual and Potentially Dangerous Items in Self-Storage Units?

Yes, there are safety regulations in place for storing unusual and potentially dangerous items in self-storage units. These regulations ensure that proper precautions are taken to protect both the storage facility and its customers.

Can Self-Storage Facilities Refuse to Store Certain Items if They Are Deemed Too Unusual or Hazardous?

Yes, self-storage facilities have the right to refuse certain items if they are considered too unusual or hazardous. They prioritize the safety of their customers and the integrity of their facilities.

Are There Any Legal Consequences for Individuals Who Store Illegal or Stolen Items in Self-Storage Units?

There can be legal consequences for individuals who store illegal or stolen items in self-storage units. It is important to follow the law and store only legal and legitimate belongings to avoid any legal trouble.

How Do Self-Storage Facilities Ensure the Security of Valuable and Rare Collectibles Stored in Their Units?

Self-storage facilities ensure the security of valuable and rare collectibles by implementing various measures, such as surveillance cameras, access control systems, and on-site security guards. These precautions help protect your prized possessions from theft and damage.

Are There Any Restrictions on Storing Live Animals or Exotic Pets in Self-Storage Units?

There are typically restrictions on storing live animals or exotic pets in self-storage units. This is to ensure the safety and well-being of the animals, as well as to comply with health and safety regulations.


In conclusion, self-storage units hold a world of surprises and intrigue. Just like opening a mysterious treasure chest, you never know what you might find inside.

From discovering forgotten relics to stumbling upon valuable collections, these units are a treasure trove of the unexpected.

They're like Pandora's box, holding secrets and stories waiting to be revealed.

So, the next time you pass by a self-storage facility, remember that behind those doors lies a world of odd and unusual wonders just waiting to be discovered.